Billing Services

Extra Services provides billing services in the utility sectors (energy and water) and telecom (fix, data and mobile including MVNOs) with experience of over 20 years.

In the utilities sector we understand that you need to evolve and innovate. For that reason, we offer comprehensive industry specific portfolio of modules and services, a true opportunity to combine superior customer service with energy efficiency optimized asset management and revenue assurance for cost to serve. In addition, you can use our market leading business applications and analytics portfolio including our mobile, cloud and in memory technology to achieve your objects, faster, cheaper, better, while clearly distancing yourself from your competitors. In order to operate effectively, you need a core business process which includes: plan, operate, deliver, bill and analyze. We package business solutions to help you optimize this solution on one platform, providing great end to end visibility, enabling fast decision making and optimizing performance. In today's competitive market, mobile solutions are no longer "nice to have", but rather a "must to have", for todays utilities companies.

Imagine being able to arm your sales associates with comprehensive customer information to help them make better sales. You can get sales on demand up and running very quickly with low IT overhead, no expensive systems, no software to manage and enjoy a predictable cost using our on demand solution at our hosted cloud environment. In addition, our memory technology allows you to store massive amount of data and conduct real time analytics.Imagine managing energy usage by instantaneously analyzing interval meter data and balance energy demand and supply.Imagine being able to analyze profitability at an eye to eye level without pre aggregation and no limits on drill downs or details. We can redefine your expectations of how much of your business you can see in real-time by reducing your total IT cost.

Our effective and convergent multi-service billing systems meet market demands accurately.

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