Fixed Line

Extra operates an NGN network within the German market. The network offers 4 local telecom operators: HitFon, PrioTel, 010011 Telecom and 01045 Telecom.

The Extra infrastructure:

- An NGN network with approx. 3,400 E1 leased lines
- A VoIP capability of 100.000 simultaneous calls, worldwide
- A GE Backbone in Germany
- 6 data centers, in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart,Frankfurt, Essen
- 487 international Interconnects with the world’s major carriers

Services we offer:

- Our switches in Germany are able to host, telecom operators from anywhere in the world, subject to the regulatory requirements in the relevant jurisdiction
- We offer a fully capable Calling Card System in the following languages: German, French, English, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Hind. For additional languages please contact us

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