Mordechay Maurice Ben-Moshe

Chairman of the Supervisory board

Mordechay Maurice Ben-Moshe serves as the Chairmen of the Supervisory Board of the Extra Group of companies, as of July 1st 2008. Mr. Ben Moshe is responsible for the Group's business development worldwide.

With his education background in Economy and Accounting as well as in software development, Mr. Ben Moshe founded his own software development company, Cyber Gate, which focused on developing billing systems and micropayment solutions, and was expanded into the area of telecoms.

Between 2003-2007 Mr. Ben Moshe was successful in building the largest VoIP based network (at the time) in Europe with Telefonica Deutschland GmbH and in cooperation with Cisco. At that time the company had reached a market share of more than 4% of the German fixed line voice and data market .

In 2007 Mr. Ben Moshe together with Dr. Barnim Jeschke were active in the initiation of a Private Equity fund in order to invest in new technologies, focusing initially on renewable energies such as Bio Fuels, Solar Fields, Wind Farms as well as Bio Technology companies. Mr. Ben Moshe lead the fund as the Head of the Investment committee.

The international financial crisis in 2008 encouraged the fund to enter the services arena, targeting the areas of Telecom, Energy and Finance sectors. During that year, Mr. Ben Moshe was part of the founding group of the Extra Group of companies and is leading it as the Chairmen of the Supervisory Board to this day.